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Older versions may be downloaded by simply clicking on the corresponding download icon. You may get the most recent version of GB Whatsapp
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January 1, 2021
4.0 and up

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Below you’ll find links to all previous versions of the GB Whatsapp client. Older versions may be downloaded by simply clicking on the corresponding download icon. You may get the most recent version of GB Whatsapp by clicking here. Because of this, we do not suggest using the previous version on your device.

With this hack, you may back up and restore your conversations to another device with the same account. This function comes in handy if your phone has been stolen or damaged and has to be fixed.

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Use this function if you’re using another app and don’t want to be interrupted by alerts from your contacts. You will not get any alerts if you enable this option.

Dark Option: 

GB Whatsapp Pro has a dark mode you may enable. This will allow you to utilise the mod in low-light conditions without risking vision damage.

Use Auto Reply if you need to respond quickly to a message from a contact but are too busy with other tasks to do it yourself. When you use this function, a message will be sent to your contact automatically.

Freezing option 

This mod allows you to freeze your last seen so that no one will be able to tell when you were last seen. This hack eliminates the need to download a status saver from the internet. To download a status from the gallery, pick the status you wish to download and then click the download option underneath the status. 

Themes :

A theme shop is included with this mod, offering a wide range of stunning and unique themes. You may utilise any of the available themes in your app by picking one from the provided list.

Share Media: 

Compared to the original WhatsApp, this mod allows you to share more images, videos, and documents. Now you may share videos and music files larger than 15 MB and 100 MB, respectively.

Anti delete 

The anti-delete feature prevents messages from being deleted for you if someone has read them before you have had a chance to view them. Even if the sender deletes the communication, you may still see it. Statuses are the same way. Contacts that were removed during the last 24 hours will still show up in your contacts’ statuses, but they will not be erased for you. These statuses will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

You may change the default language to any of the available ones using this mod. Those who are unable to comprehend English will benefit from this function.

Whatsapp for Web: 1 GB:

On PCs, this mod is also usable. You just use the camera on your phone to take a picture of the barcode that corresponds to your account in order to use this mod.

This feature is useful if you’re concerned about missing an essential communication. You’ll see pop-up alerts on your screen after activating this feature. As a result, this feature allows you to view every communication that has been sent to you.

Share Locations:

If you’re in trouble and need your friend’s aid, but you don’t know where you are right now, you may transmit your current position to them so that they can locate you.

New options for privacy were added by this mod. Use any of the available choices to keep your information private.

  • Blue Ticks Can Be Made to Look Like Anything Else.
  • You have the ability to conceal the second tick.
  • The Blue Microphone Can Be Covered Up.
  • Typing Can Be Hiding from View
  • You’ll be able to conceal the recording.

Customize Font Style:

You may change the font style on your screen to give it a fresh appearance. This add-on also provides you with additional customizing choices, such as:

  • Change the font style if you’d like to as well.
  • This patch adds a wide range of typefaces to the game.
  • The Arabic and English typefaces may also be changed.

How to install?

  • Begin by navigating to the settings menu on your Android phone or tablet. Once there, choose the Security option from the drop-down menu.
  • There should be an option to allow software from unknown sources in the security settings. It’ll be deactivated by default. To allow installation of programmes from unknown sources, turn this on by clicking or pressing on it. Proceed to the next stage once you confirm your selection in the pop-up box. This option may be found under the Privacy or Additional settings on certain smartphones.
  • To begin downloading, go to your settings and make sure that GBWhatsApp Pro is activated.
  • To use the programme, first download it and then open it by tapping on the application file. There may be some cautions when you click “Next” and the “Install” button appears. There is no need to be concerned about them at this time.
  • Once you’ve tapped “Install,” the process is complete. Your Android smartphone now has GB WhatsApp old version installed.
  • If you wish to utilise a different phone number, you’ll need to create a second account. GB WhatsApp Pro’s signup procedure is identical to WhatsApp’s registration process for adding a second number. You will be notified via email when your submission has been received and verified.
  • Once you’ve added your name and profile picture and verified your phone number, you’re all set! Once your account has been confirmed, you’ll be able to use all of GBWhatsApp’s customization options.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I update GB WhatsApp old version?

Keep an eye on for updates on GB WhatsApp Pro. Update your Android device by clicking on download, and your device will automatically update itself to the most recent version after the APK file has been downloaded and installed on your Android device.


  • If you’re concerned about security, GBWhatsapp Pro is completely risk-free. This Application is just a modified version of Whatsapp.
  • GBWhatsapp is a free alternative to Whatsapp.
  • There’s no conflict between WhatsApp and GBWhatsapp Pro. You Can Also use other Whatsapp Mods Like Whatsapp Plus at the same time.

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