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You will learn about OGWhatsapp pro for iOS in this post, which gives you even more capabilities than the original app.
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January 1, 2021
4.0 and up

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Every day, developers across the globe toil away to create new apps packed with useful functionalities. You will learn about OGWhatsapp pro for iOS in this post, which gives you even more capabilities than the original app.

More sophisticated capabilities are included in this reworked version of the original Whatsapp. Whatsapp is the most widely used app, with over a million users spread throughout the globe. You have no privacy in the original edition. Your contacts will be able to view your current location, when you were last seen, and a lot more. That’s why there are so many developers working on a Whatsapp mod to address this issue.

This version of Whatsapp may be used on both iOS and Android devices. There is no virus in this programme, therefore you don’t need to be concerned. No matter what, your smartphone or gadget will be unaffected. It’s a free texting service that’s basic, minimalistic, and allows for greater personalization than the original. Also check GB Telegram Mod APK


App Name OGWhatsApp Pro
Version v13.50
Size 50.6 MB
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and up
Last Update 26 Aug 2021

The following are some of the Pro Version’s features:

OGWhatsapp Pro Apk

There are many premium-like features available to you, and they’re all completely free. The following are some of the app’s highlights:

  • Increasing the Level of Security:

One of the most important things that everyone should have is security. Whatsapp’s initial version does not provide the highest level of security. However, you need not be concerned, since this software is equipped with enhanced security measures. Pattern, PIN, and Fingerprint are just a few of the security options you have. Additionally, you may choose whether or not to make the pattern visible.

  • Prohibition:

Using other Whatsapp mods puts your account at danger of being banned. However, you need not be concerned, since you are protected by OG Whatapp. A new Anti-Ban function has been added to this version of the mod to keep your account safe. As a result, this function is ideal for users who only have one Whatsapp phone number.

  • Downloaded files are in the following state:

The user status could not be downloaded in the initial version. Because of this, you will have to utilise a third-party programme or a screenshot.

You can simply download any of your favourite Facebook status updates with this app. If you have a smartphone, you can save a user’s profile image straight to your device. It won’t even let the user know about it through a notice.

  • A few themes:

This Whatsapp theme is for those who grow tired of staring at the same Whatsapp background all the time. Whatsapp mods provide you access to tens of thousands of additional themes. You’ll never obtain the same results again by utilising the same theme again and over. You may also alter the font, style, and icon sizes.

  • Messages that can’t be deleted:

One of this app’s best features is the Anti-Delete Messages function. Millions of people across the globe have downloaded it as a result of these characteristics. The erased message can’t be seen in the app’s original version. Because of the Revoke Deleted Messages function, this is not a problem at all. Because of this functionality, you may easily recover deleted messages from the app. With Deleted messages, this functionality simply doesn’t work. You’ll be able to see any Stories or Status updates that previous users have removed. Keep in mind, however, that within 24 hours, all of these posts will be removed.

The following are some other characteristics that should be noted:

  • You’ll be able to quickly see which messages were purged from your contacts and groups.
  • It’s now possible to record lengthy audio messages without having to press the voice icon.
  • When someone deletes your communications, you’ll get a notice.
  • If you’d want your reply to go out automatically during busy times, that’s an option. Additionally, you have the option of disabling auto-reply for certain groups or contacts.
  • You may now upload pictures as large as 6MB in size as Full-Size images.
  • This version allows you to copy someone else’s constructed status to your clipboard.
  • Disabling Internet access in OGWhatsApp is as simple as turning on WhatsApp’s DND mode.
  • You may now use the built-in Message Scheduler function of this app to schedule WhatsApp messages.
  • Messages do not need a forwarding tag to be forwarded.
  • There is multi-language support available.


  1. To get the original Whatsapp on your iPhone, follow these steps:
  2. You’ll need a Safari browser app on your phone to complete this task.
  3. To download the app, just go to our website and type in your browser’s address bar:
  4. This programme cannot be installed after it has been downloaded. The option to trust must be enabled in the settings.
  5. Open your phone’s settings to find out how to accomplish this. Select Profiles Device Management from the General drop-down menu. It is necessary to locate the profile and give it trust by following the on-screen guidelines.
  6. Now all you have to do is download and install the app on your iOS device to begin using it.


I’m hoping you were able to quickly and simply download the original WhatsApp for iOS. It’s one of the finest apps out there, with a tonne of great features. Fake modified WhatsApp apps are common if you get your download from somewhere else. As a result, carefully check any apps on your phone before installing them.

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