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The strategy game My Singing Monster mod apk offers the possibility of installing various monsters in a miniature garden, but this is a completely different work
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The strategy game My Singing Monster mod apk offers the possibility of installing various monsters in a miniature garden, but this is a completely different work. There is an egg that has just hatched and is about to hatch, and it’s about to sing. BGM will become known as more and more miniature gardens are planted!

In the first screen, after the game begins, you will see rock-looking monsters taking the rhythm like drums, and white monsters just singing “Bourne Bone.” You can collect eggs by combining, purchasing, and hatching, and create unknown monsters.

There is no small chorus choir in the background music as the monster count increases. You can also play a mini-game that remembers which monster’s song was sung in what order, which is very helpful when waiting for the hatching to come to an end. Additionally, all the mini-games will award you with a reward.

You can do more than that, however. In addition, you can level up and earn money by removing obstructing trees and rocks, creating bait, and catching monsters to delight a miniature garden game’s peculiar fun.

Additional Information

Developer Big Blue Bubble
Size 35 MB
Latest Version V3.2.2
Requirements Android 4.0+
Last Updated Today

Features of My Singing Monster Mod Apk

  • Make many unique items

Learn how to master the intricate craft system, build impressive structures, and collect resources! Put up wacky decorations to add that personal touch! Learn the recipes you might be asked for by your Monsters!

  • There is a voice for every Monster.

With each character unlocked, their uniquely styled voices will be added to the symphony, creating more vibrant sounds. Monsters of all kinds play instruments of splendor, while some have virtuosic voices. You won’t know what it is until it hatches!

  • Develop your musicians as Monsters

Are you looking to expand your collection of Singing Monsters? To create new Monsters, combine Monsters with distinct elements. You can build your own orchestra by rewarding them with stuff they like.

  • Play catchy tunes and discover new lands

Explore the diverse and wondrous Outer Islands and expand your horizons beyond the Continent. Performing each tune are the Singing Monster maestros with their infectious melodies! What are the chances of discovering them all?

  • Tips and Tricks

You will get more coins from your monsters if they are happier. Buy and place the objects and monsters they enjoy near them so that they can look at their affinities comfortably. Increasing your monster’s level will earn them more money! They can be leveled up by feeding them. Leveling up makes them greedier. Five bakeries can be found on each island. Ensure that you have plenty of food and keep it safely stored!

Don’t forget to install mines on your islands since they bring in diamonds every 24 hours. For every 30 seconds of watching a video, you will receive a ring for free. Go regularly on the purchase of diamonds and enter free diamonds.

As well as patience, it’s a game in which we don’t get the watch we want the first time. Breeding can result in a monster that is chosen instead of the new wanted one. Perseverance, patience, and patience are all you need.

  • Theme of creativity

A game in which you breed monsters that sing is called My Singing Monster. Your aim is to help the monsters to release their voices – an unusual game for your cell phone. So the game asks the player to take care of those monsters who like to sing and play on a small island.

In any game with a “farmhouse” theme, it begins with the birth of small creatures to take care of. They live on a sky island instead of a farm.

You are required to help the monsters release their by purchasing the monsters and placing them in the scenario. Then something strange happens. In addition to the background music, the monsters amplify it with their sounds. It is important to feed, raise, and train the monsters properly in order for them to be able to improve their artistic skills.

  • Game principle that appeals to players

A lush island awaits you, uninhabited, tranquil, and covered in vegetation. It is here that we will place the first Monster on the island. Baby monsters may use instruments, their mouths, or parts of their bodies to make music.

The musical phrases of over a hundred different species of monsters exist. Among the performers are those who play percussion, other stringed instruments, or sing, as well as DJs! It’s natural to expect the song to become more complex as we add different monsters to the island. Choosing the creatures that resonate with you is up to you!

  • Fascinated gameplay

In Monster Quest, monsters can be purchased on display cases using coins, or they can be reproduced through several monsters. Creating new species is merely a matter of trying a multitude of monster combinations!

Over time, the monsters will collect coins to buy new monsters and buildings, which will ensure their happiness and allow you to make candy for them.

My Singing Monsters offers the option to buy coins to increase speed, but it’s not necessary to do so. Since each action takes real-time to be completed (creating cakes, waiting for an egg to hatch after a monster reproduces, etc.) you have to be patient.

You can include baked goods, trees, and objects that can improve your monster’s performance. The more space you create for your creatures, the more levels you earn, and it will help you unlock new islands, which will contain exclusive monsters, and a new song!

  • Graphics and sound effects of the highest quality

My Singing Monsters provides a relaxing experience with its music-based games. Hundreds of different species are found within the game, and to collect them all, you will need to raise, breed, and feed them. So it sings your song to you as you combine monsters!

How to download?

  1. Start downloading MOD APK below by clicking on the Download MOD APK button
  2. Once the files are downloaded, open them
  3. My singing  Mod Apk must be installed on your Android device
  4. Follow the instructions inside
  5. You can now play the mod

Frequently Asked Questions

My singing monsters Shugabush, how do I breed them?

In order to get Shugabush, you need both a Clamble and a Bowgart. You are more likely to succeed at a higher level. It can only be bred at level 9.

Why is my monster not happy 100% of the time?

The monsters will be 100% happy if you place near them four unique items they like


It would be appropriate to describe My Singing Monsters MOD APK of developer Big Blue Bubble as weird and spirit. This game involves collecting, upgrading, and building your own music world using various monsters.

Monsters sing with distorted voices and are the protagonists of the game. There are a variety of instruments to accompany monsters, all of which can sing and make unusual sounds. Different melodies will be created depending on the monsters gathered.

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What's new

  • Costume prices have been rebalanced in the market
  • Now, there is a possibility of breeding Monster eggs to receive a Costume once they are hatched
  • A color-coding system has been added to Book of Monsters as well as mini-collections
  • Your first encounter with a Monster will be accompanied by NEW animations
  • Colosseum Quests are now available, and you can earn NEW Trophies for completing them.


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