Download Lineage 2 Revolution Mod Apk 1.29.14 [Unlimited Money]

The top-ranked country in this area is Korea, with its advanced technology and graphics games. Korean games have become more familiar to us when they make the top rankings. It is a game that demonstrates all the best aspects of Netmarble’s technology. It is obvious from the beginning that Lineage 2: Revolution has high-quality graphics. It is Korea’s cutting-edge graphics game. MMORPGs are often played on PC, so this is probably one. A unique MMORPG-like experience is delivered in this game using Unreal Engine 4 technology. you can also download Pokémon X Nintendo 3DS ROM & CIA here 

 Additional information:

Name Lineage 2: Revolution
Publisher EagleApk
Genre RPG
MOD Features No
Version 1.29.14
Size 88 MB
Requires Android 4.4
Price FREE
Updated On July 23, 2021 (1 month ago)


  • It’s a game

Lineage 2: Revolution allows players to choose their character class when they begin the game. Humans, Elfs, Dark Elves, and Dwarves are among the character classes. Warriors, mages, and archers are some of the different types of characters. You can change the character’s hairstyle and clothes by changing some small details in this game. Quite a nice and detailed design on the character of the game by Netmarble. By completing the tasks in the game, you will become better. As you kill bosses and monsters, you will learn all 5 fighting skills.

  • Graphics have a huge impact

Gameplay and graphics are both good in Lineage 2: Revolution. A quality MMORPG experience is not less enhancing on the mobile device with this game’s latest Unreal Engine 4 graphics. The 3D design, the grass tops, the smoke are very detailed and elaborate in the game details. This launch is beautifully done along with sound effects that are extremely lively and give one the sense of being in this world.

  • The Best Premium Pro Games For Gamers

A sequel to the acclaimed Lineage II: Heroes of the Realms game, Lineage 2: Revolution Gameplay offers a brand new gameplay experience. In Lineage II, players took control of the massive online population and crafted their own destiny.

As they will once again guide their own groups inside the virtual world in Lineage 2 Revolution, players will once again have full control over their destiny. While the gameplay in the prequel was very solid, its overall polish and appeal left some people feeling bored.

Gameplay is quite exciting in Lineage 2 Revolution. The graphics are highly detailed, the audio is excellent, the voice acting is excellent, the character progression is immersive, the graphics are top notch, and so on.

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  • The Battle of the Realms

The android gamers can take part in the battles, which happen in real time since it is a very successful online multiplayer game. Two multiplayer modes are available in Lineage 2. You can also play in war modes in which hundreds of players will take part, or PVP Battles in which you will be the only one fighting. In Real Time Battles, you feel as if you are in real life with your opponents and teammates. 

  • Open World Game

In the mobile stores you are likely to find many war-mode battle games, but you might not find a battle game with an open world. In addition to being an action role playing game, Lineage 2: Revolution features an open world that lets players explore and learn about everything on the game’s map. You can learn a lot from this game so download it and install it. Additionally, you can team up with your friends and tackle the most demanding challenges together.


  1. You can get started by clicking ‘Go To Download Page’ above. It will then appear on lineage 2 revolution mod apk’s download page.
  2. You can now get your game by clicking ‘Start Download’. In a few seconds, the download will begin.
  3. After you have downloaded the game, you need to open the lineage 2 revolution mod apk file in your File Manager. During the first time an application is installed through File Manager, permissions may need to be granted.
  4. The ‘Settings’ option will allow you to grant the necessary permissions.
  5. Try again, if permissions are required, at the previous step. No errors will occur this time.
  6. It is imperative that you uninstall any previous versions of lineage 2 revolution mod apk after installing this modified version. A failure to install will result in failure.


Lineage 2: Revolution APK download instructions?

Third-party Play has developed Lineage 2: Revolution Mod APK. There is no Play Store version of this game, but you can download it from another source. The Lineage 2: Revolution Mod Apk can be downloaded for free from the web. Click the Download button after you’ve opened the desire webpage.

APK installation instructions for Lineage 2: Revolution?

From the settings menu of your device, you have to allow enabling unknown sources after you have downloaded. Click on Install after you enable unknown resources. Make sure Unknown Sources are enabled in Mobile Setting => Security => Privacy.

Are there any PC versions of Lineage 2: Revolution Mod APK?

You can play Lineage 2: Revolution Mod Apk on your PC using a third-party android emulator.

Is Lineage 2: Revolution Mod APK free of gems and resources? 

Resources and gems are unlimited in the Lineage 2: Revolution game.


Game Mod APK is the only game that offers unlimited resources such as gold coins, gems, elixirs, and dark elixirs. These resources will let you build a strong defense and a powerful attack against other clans.  You can enjoy all the game’s features just by downloading and playing it.


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