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EZ month gets its name from FC hunter. EZ Stars, another popular injector from EZ, are another popular injector. 
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EZ Month
January 1, 2021
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It is one of the best apps from EZ developers that you have come across. Injector now relapses the last part of the recent EZ month. New features are included in this version. The injector currently ranks among the top Mobile Legend Bang Bang injectors. Multiple cheats have been uploaded to MLBB 2018. You can cheat and upgrade Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s skins if you want to. The game has premium visual skins afterall, not just the name. The latest injector is now available for free cheats, as well as new battle emotes and maps. check also Wallet MOD APK

What is EZ Month Injector?

EZ month gets its name from FC hunter. EZ Stars, another popular injector from EZ, are another popular injector. 

One of the greatest skin injectors of all time. Then you should use this app instead of any other one.

You can get free upgrades to Mobile Legends premium items with the ML Injector.

By browsing the menu options within the app, you can easily download all the skins and maps for the game.

In the following section, we will explore some of the injector’s sections and you will find them seamless. When you use it, you will no doubt discover more.

Diamond gratis/free diamond:

Diamonds will make the application the talk of the town thanks to the free option. All other applications do not provide this option. You can purchase free premium items in the game with free diamonds/gratis earned through the game.

For all skins:

All our gaming heroes’ skins can be found in this section. Skins are further divided into sab sections which include tanks, fighters, assassins, marksmen, mage, and support. Only skin enthusiasts should visit this section. After clicking, the desired skin will be injected into the game.


As soon as you reach this feature, I am certain you will become a fan of the application. The lobby and profile background can also be changed along with the game background. At present, there are more than 24 background options in the application.

A drone’s perspective:

You can move the map around and analyze your enemies closer from the drone view. It works with all maps and all graphics. To date, there are five main options for drone views.

Features of EZ Month Injector Apk:
EZ Month Injector APK

  • Efek is recalled.
  • Battle of the emotes.
  • This is an analog custom.
  • A spawn effect.
  • The efek elimination.
  • Maps with custom features.
  • Boost your ranking.
  • An avatar for the border.
  • Folder ABC in working order.
  • It is free to download.
  • The app’s interface is user-friendly.
  • The size of the object is small.
  • New skins have been added.
  • All bugs must be fixed.
  • The list goes on and on.

The EZ Month Injector Apk has the following additional features:

  • All changes can be backed up
  • Stable and smooth
  • A new feature has been added
  • Earn free diamonds
  • All bugs should be fixed
  • The latest file contains no password
  • Ads and services are free

The following features have been added:

  • Alphabetical folder ABC
  • (Hero) Vale
  • Collections (Angela)
  • The Epic of Chang’e
  • Starlight (Kagura)
  • The Elite (Barats)

How To Use EZ Month?

Download the app from our website to your smartphone. Installing the application will allow you to access free cheats and premium features.

Download EZ Month APK Latest Version 2022 on Android

In addition to the changes in compatibility, there have also been some new items (Battle Effects, Emotes, & Backgrounds) added based on user feedback. It is now the best alternative to all injectors listed on our site. Comparing yourself is all you need.

Yasin Gaming releases updates to our servers as soon as they become available. The tool is available from us exclusively. 

Is Safe to use

You can definitely use this injector on Mobile Legends as one of the best and safest ones. We cannot provide any guarantee since this is a cheating app. If you wish to keep your main account, however, we suggest creating a new account first.


There are a lot of options in EZ Month Apk, and it also comes with an anti-ban feature. It would be a great resource for those seeking free skins, emotes, and battle effects for Mobile Legends characters. New features are on the way in upcoming updates from the developer (Yasin Gaming).

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