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Running games are popular with millions of players worldwide! The runner games are played by over 1 billion gamers worldwide every year. We started down this delightful path with games such as Subway Surfer, Temple Run, and Minon Rush. At least 100,000,000+ downloads have been recorded on the Google Play Store by these beginners. There are not many games as brilliantly designed as Minions Rush, which features only running and leaderboards. There’s not much difference between this game and the others from Gameloft SE, which include Subway Surfers and Temple Run. As a bonus, the advanced game graphics will enable you to experience the minions in a realistic manner. Get into the world of Minion Rush right now.

The Mod APK that our team developed for this game will also be immensely beneficial to players since it offers a lot of the premium features without any costs like unlimited money, an unlocked interface, and ad-free application. Stop waiting and download Minion Rush MOD APK. It’s the best choice for all enthusiastic gamers. check also Covet Fashion MOD APK


  • The Despicable Minions will have you running endlessly

There is an unforgettable feeling associated with Despicable Me, still sitting in our hearts for the cutest part, Minions. Despite not knowing what the Minions are or what their race is, we love them nonetheless, and want to experience them realistically. Can you imagine a running game entirely dedicated to the Minions? I can’t wait! Introducing Minion Rush, exclusive to Gameloft!

A single-player Android running game that lets you go on indefinitely and beat your own score and that of friends. Moreover, you can also enjoy this game for experiencing the entire Minion Universe, which provides a deeper insight into the life of a Minion. Using only 100 megabytes of internet, you can experience the Despicable Me experience!

  • You’ll be amazed at what Minion universe has to offer

In Minion Rush, you are tasked with controlling the minions running around, such as Dave (the default character), Carl, Jerry, and Mel. While you do that, you will need to win the racing challenges between all the Minions while avoiding obstacles and barriers. In the Minion Rush, you will be able to fill the mind with knowledge about the Minion Universe and the vast amount of information it holds. Besides the above four Minions, you can play with all the others from the movies and do as you wish for the rest of your days with them.

  • Play the game to collect costumes, power-ups, and tweaks

Minions enjoy dressing up, and here within Minion Rush, you can customize your character with all the exquisite costumes that contain different abilities. The costumes you can wear include black suited spys, red and pink perfect Cupids, and Cancan Dancers. Furthermore, every Minion Costume comes with a special skill, power-up, and a style interface to impact the gamer’s mindset.

  • All Minion costumes can be purchased with unlimited funds

A gaming currency is used in the online game Monion Rush. The costumes and power-ups can be unlocked only after hundreds of coins. For every coin or gem you collect, the struggle is the hardest in the game. The good news is, if you install the Minion Rush MOD APK, you’re able to make unlimited purchases for free, since we granted you an unlimited amount of virtual money. What an amazing idea! You might be surprised at what you can accomplish by yourself!

  • Experience the buffer power-up from the fully unlocked shopping menu

Even so, you can’t unlock any special power-ups until you level up your game, so you can’t do anything with unlimited money. In keeping with this, we have included the completely unlocked Spartan Rush MOD APK, which provides you with unlimited free costume purchases, such as Spy Guru, Vacationer, Vampire, Worker, and Monkey King.

  • A fun interface that is ad-free

Almost all Android games feature advertisements as unavoidable interruptions. To offer a non-interrupting gaming interface, we primarily work with the Zero-interruption policy and create modifications, as well as a No-ad script. Aside from not interrupting you while you play its missions or make purchases, the Minion Rush MOD APK also doesn’t interfere with your internet connection.


  • You can now build a team in Minion Rush!
  • Minions are rebuilding a Viking ship on a beach!
  • To help Agnes make it to the wrestling match, the Minions will be selling tacos to raise money for the Luna de Mayo festival (coming soon).
  • You’ve never seen a cuter barbarian than a Viking!
  • Whether it’s a sleepover or a pajama party, Fluffy Corn has got you covered!


  • How do I sign up for social accounts? I don’t know where to go?

Your age restriction is the reason for this. You can then connect your social accounts after changing your age

  • Are my social accounts compatible with it?

Definitely! Your social accounts can be connected with it without any problem.

  • Is this game playable offline?

Minion Rush can be played online as well as offline.


The Minion Rush MOD APK was created for all the Minion fans, who want to experience all the costumes, power-ups, and other add-ons. The app is free to download and offers the above-listed features without charging a cent. Get the ideal results in your leaderboard with less effort by downloading the Minion Rush MOD APK below.

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