ROMANCE ANIME ON NETFLIX – Best Romance Anime on Netflix 2021

ROMANCE ANIME ON NETFLIXLove is the most beautiful thing, and to feel for another person with deep emotions is quite indescribable in words. There are no words for love, and it is a lovely feeling that someone shows for their loved beings. It is the love that keeps two people together in all worse conditions.

Romance is the essential factor of life, and without it, there is no charm in life. So keeping this attractive factor in mind, a lot of romance anime movies are produced. Watching romantic anime movies with someone creates a unique environment, and now it becomes easier to watch romantic anime movies through Netflix.

Vast collections of romance anime have existed on Netflix, through which you can amuse yourself. Romance anime series are presented with unique stories and have a charm. So you have an opportunity to enjoy these full of romance animes movies in your home with your lovers.

In this topic, we discuss the list of famous romance anime on Netflix, so if you are like to watch romantic anime, you should need to read this article till the end.

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List of romance anime on netflix

  1. Sword Art Online
  2. Fairy Tail
  3. Fruit Basket
  4. My love story
  5. Your lie in April
  6. Lovely complex

These all romance anime have remarkable stories. Now we talk about all these romance anime one by one.

1. Fairy Tail

It the most fantastic romance anime that is released in 2009 that revolves around two best friends. The base of their relationship is on trust. The famous characters of this romance anime are Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heatfilia.

Both characters play their role in a very expressive way. So it is the beautiful romance anime on Netflix. At the same time, by viewing this anime, you never get bored.

2. Sword Art Online

It is the most famous romance anime that is released in 2012. Sword art online anime has a pretty different concept. It has 25 episodes. Sword art online is a popular series that bases anime in the year 2022 that becomes more advanced. Sword art online anime is creating an entirely different scene.

3. Fruit basket

The story of the fruit basket is based on the shojo manga. Fruit basket romance anime was released in 2019. its story relates to a boy who comes to live with a family known as the Shoma family. Thora Honda exposed the secrets of this family, and then the story takes a beautiful turn.

With the passing few episodes, this fruit basket anime changed itself into its romance when Tohru fall in love, and this was the beautiful part of the fruit basket anime when the whole story changed into romance.

There is an excellent view of fruit basket anime on Netflix. It is one of the most popular series that gain popularity within few episodes. All the characters in the Fruit basket romance anime have own unique role that has an impressive impact on viewers.

4. MY love story

It is a changed story that shows a couple that is not normal in viewing. In the whole series, this couple not remains together. The two characters Takeo and Yamato, play a central part in the series. Yamato is a teenage girl who falls in love with a man who looks like a yakuza boss.

All of the friends, Yamato, think that she is abnormal who loves an unusual man. My love story takes an exciting turn when they both fall in love, and their relationship grows with passing the time.

It is a fascinating romance anime on Netflix that engage viewers till the end. My love story theme includes music and also enjoys different events like Valentine’s day, Christmas, beach, etc.

5. Your lie in April

Some people always want to view exciting and heart-touching romance anime. Your lie in April is one of them Arima Kousei and Kaori Miyazono characterize .the story of your lie in April.

Kaori Miyazano is a violinist, while Arima house is a prodigal pianist. The story of your lie in April is a little different from familiar love stories. Both characters meet each other because of their complicated problems, and this the way when they turn into love naturally.

And they feel they are nothing without each other. So your lie in April is a beautiful anime that explores a different romance story.

6. Lovely complex

It is the most exciting story that relates to the height issue of two people in a class. And this height insecurity changed into love. Isa Koizumi is the tallest girl from all the level, and the boy Atsushi Ootani has very short height.

So the lovely complex concepts are based on the height of this couple, and they both fall in love with each other. The story includes fun and romance in a very expressive way. So the lovely complex romance anime become popular because of its distinctive concept.

Final words

Romance has a very influential role in life, and without it, there is no thrill in life. So keeping this in mind, filmmakers introduced the most exciting and fantastic romance animes on Netflix. These all have individual concepts and are full of romance. In this article, we discuss a few famous romance animes on Netflix in a very expressive way. There is a complete description of romance anime on Netflix on this topic. We hope you like this article.

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