Nowadays, it becomes common to view different movies, series, and TV shows through Netflix. It is a streaming website where you can see your all favorite and famous shows, but the problem is that its services are not free. You have to pay for its service in term of utilizing it. Its charges are a little high, and this thing creates a problem for many low-budget users.

Keeping these issues in mind, Netflix offers free trials without credit cards, but how can one access to these services without facing any difficulty. Many users trap in few fake methods of getting a Netflix free trial and then dishearten.

Many users question how we can use this free service in the condition of no credit card? There are many questions related to the Netflix free trial without a credit card that confuses many users. This article explains all these aggravating factors thoroughly and discusses how someone can get Netflix free trial without a credit card in an easy way. More you can download the Netflix app for android on this site.

Ways of getting Netflix free trial without credit card


As we discussed above that every user couldn’t pay the charges of Netflix every month. Therefore another option is given to use Netflix without any issue.

1. Use a debit card

In terms of getting a Netflix free trial, many users are not interested in using their credit cards because it demands basic information about the credit card. But no need to worry. You can use a debit card instead of using a credit card for getting Netflix free trial.

So this is a fantastic trick to avail the facility of the Netflix free trial without a credit card. You need to unlock the international transaction on your debit card by getting the help of your bank. By doing this, you will be able to use a free trial without a credit card.

2. Virtual card

The other way of getting a Netflix free trial without using a credit card is virtual card use. It is also a straightforward way of getting a free trial of Netflix. But there few steps to using a virtual card.

You first need to get the virtual card provided by the banks and wallets in an online system.

Secondly, you need to sign up process and then send a request for getting the virtual card.

Thirdly register that card for the use of the Netflix free trial. There are also few rules of using virtual cards according to location.

3. Sharing of Netflix subscription

It is the easiest way of getting free trial .you can avail yourself of a free trial by sharing the Netflix subscription. But the question is that how someone can share with us, or what steps are required for the sharing Netflix subscription method.

It is pretty simple to share a Netflix subscription. For this, you should need to get help from your three best friends, who have credit cards. In another way, the friend who has an international transaction activated the debit card facility.

The method of sharing is that one of your friends can charge for the subscriptions, and the other two friends adding you give charges to the first friend for the sharing process.

Suppose you have any friends that have this kind of facility, then no need to worry. It because the other option has existed. You can search from Google; their lots of people present for the sharing of Netflix subscription.

Overall it is a bit confusing process but not so difficult. So by understanding this, you should be able to comfort Netflix free trial without a credit card.

4. Netflix gift card

The services of Netflix offering gift cards for the special occasions of their users. Through this gift card, you can get Netflix free trial subscription. But the point is that how someone can get this gift card or the ways of getting gift cards from Netflix.

For this, you need to visit the Netflix website and buy a gift .so you can utilize this gift card with the help of your friend. You also have others options for earning money through different apps like survey junkie, Vindale research, and life points.

Then you can utilize this money to get a Netflix gift card for the subscription of Netflix free trial without using a credit card.

Final word

Netflix is a beautiful website through which you can view different programs, .but it is not free of cost. Netflix offers a free trial to its customers. For getting this Netflix free trial, you should need to know the methods. In this article, we describe all the processes through which you can quickly learn how someone can get Netflix free trial without using a credit card. Above all, methods are pretty straightforward.

By understanding these methods, you should be able to comfort a Netflix free trial without a credit card. We hope you like this article.

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