How To Use Apk Editor On Games – Apk editor pro

Sometimes you want to edit something new in your android apps, but you have no idea how the editing of Android applications and games occurs. Through this article, you learn about all the steps by which you can edit names, icons, and files in Android applications.

How To Use Apk Editor On Game

But the question is that what is a source of editing games. You can edit with the help of apk editor pro that is the best editing software. So by using the Apk editor pro, you can edit easily on games. In this topic, you get to know about the use of APK editor on games in detail. So for learning the steps of editing, keep reading this article till the end.

What is apk editor pro

Apk editor pro is the tool that can be used for editing the android application. Through the apk editor pro, you can edit and customize apk files in your way.

Features of apk editor pro

Apk editor pro includes different features and offers various tools to set the apk files. There are given attributes of apk pro editor in a simple way.

With the help of apk editor pro, you can translate strings, rename apps, change icons, and customize the apps with this helpful software.

  • It also allows you to generate applications, and you can transfer these into an SD card.
  • Apk editor pro disabled the popups or ads.
  • It offers to delete restrictions’.
  • Overall it can edit in simple ways and compatible with apk files.

These are some features that we discuss here, and overall it has numerous features.


Apk editor pro has two modifications.

There are two modifications in this helpful software: the complete modification and the is a simple modification.

Full editing is for maintaining the complete structure of an apk file.

In Simple editing, the replacement of sub-files takes place.

The way of modifying an apk file is straightforward. You can adjust the application according to your style.

Way of editing name and icons with the use of APK editor pro on games

It is helpful software, the main point about this is that it is not available on play store, to obtain it you should need to go the Google play store. It is not free of cost. You have to pay for availing apk editor pro software.

Renaming of games

For editing names with the use of apk editor pro, there are following ways are given.

  1. First of all, you need to download apk editor pro from the Google play store.
  2. Secondly, open the app, and then you need to find the option ”select apk from apps and then choose it.
  3. In this step, you should click on that application which you want to rename. After this step, click on the option which appears on your mobile screen ”common Edit”.
  4. Now you can change the name of the game and then click on the Save button.
  5. After saving the name, you can see the option of installing an app.
  6. Then click on the install, and by doing this, the name of the game and application are changed.
  7. Finally, you can complete the steps of editing the name by using the apk editor pro application. And also definitely learn that how to edit expressions.

Editing of icons on games by the use of apk editor pro

Now we talk about the other way in which you can also edit icons through apk editor pro. There are given steps of editing icons.

  • For the editing icon, first of all, open the Apk editor pro software and then click on the ”Select Apk from App”.
  • In the second step, select the game that you want for editing icons. After choosing the game, click on the Simple edit (File replacement).
  • Then you can see the three options on your device screen, files, images, and audio. After viewing this, you should need to select the image option. After this, click on the profile of edit option.
  • Then choose the icons that you want to edit in games.
  • And at last, click on save and press the install button to complete the process.
  • So these are simple steps of editing icons in-game by use of apk editor pro software.

Final verdict

Apk editor pro is an exciting and valuable tool. Through this, you can edit name icons, etc., efficiently. It includes numerous excellent functions. In this article, we briefly explained all the main factors related to the Apk editor pro. We hope you like this article.


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