How to Modify an APK file – Simple Ways to Edit APK Files

When we talk about the term APK, it stands for (Android application package). Most Android users use this format in the same way Windows users use EXE files. If you have an Android device in your pocket, indeed, you heard about the APK. Android users use this format to distribute the data and install different applications.

When you visit the google play store for downloading the application of your desire, it can download and install the APK files for you. The APK files are available from alternative resources and Websites.

While talking about the benefits and advantages of the APK files, they have many positive features. The best of all is that these files are ahead of time. Let’s talk an example about it; when a major Google app (like weather) releases an update, it will take plenty of time to lap for your Android device. While installing an APK file will allow you to skip the wait and update right away.

The APK files are handy and powerful for Android users. You should be well aware while downloading the APK files, as most of the files cause harm to your device, so download and install the files from trusted and safe sites.

Modify APK file:

How to Modify an APK file

So, we know that there are no specific and definite ways to guide you about modifying APK files on the Internet. So, we hope you are looking to modify the Android APK file without any advanced device like laptops and desktops.

We generally know we need to modify/edit the APK files. If you are one of them, make sure to read the given article to enhance your mindset to modify the APK file brilliantly.

You may modify the different components of an APK file like Icon, name, installing location, and application version. When we mention which platform is best to edit/modify the APK files, the first thing that comes to our mind is the APK Editor.

So, let’s get started with the most valuable article. You have to follow particular instructions to learn that how can you use the APK Editor on your Android device:

Editor APK

First of all, you have to download and install the APK Editor from the google play store. After complete download, now you have to launch the APK Editor.

Here, presently you can choose the APK document from the file manager (APK envelope).

You have multiple options that you may select files from the device storage and the memory card; it depends on your desired APK file location.

So, now select your desired app, and you will experience three different options on the screen, named; Full Edit, Simple Edit, and Common edit. When you select the full edit, you will be allowed to edit everything related to the APK file. Through complete improvement, you may replace the Icon image, layout, and name of the application.

Modify Android permission manifest:

If you want to modify the Android permission manifest, you have to click on the Manifest option in APK Editor; you may edit the APK manifest by this method. Now you can change the app permission also. When you think you have done all the changes which you want in the APK file, click on the build option and save the modified application on your phone or memory storage. Then install this modified app to take the joy of looking at an application of your own choice.

Rename an APK Android application:

You may rename the related APK app by using the APK Editor app. You need to follow the process; Click “select an APK file.” Select here the longing APK file. After doing this, choose your app and click on the Common edit, and then you have another interface on your screen where you can rename an APK file. By replacing the name of your wish, click on the save option and install it again.

Change app icon of APK file:

You can change the Icon of the APK file by Editor APK. Just open the APK file and select whose Icon which you want to change. After that, select the Common Editor; after that, you will have the option of launcher icon, click on it, choose a PNG file and change the icon picture of your app.

Change install location:

Through APK Editor, you may change the install/directory of an APK application. For this process, first of all, you have to choose your desired app, then select the common Editor, now click on the install location, and there will be a drop-down menu that will display on-screen where you want to install the application.

This article was all about the method/ways to modify an APK file, we hope you enjoyed and understand all the things very well, and this article can be efficient and helpful for you as well as you have learned that how you may modify an Android APK file without any PC and zero programming knowledge level.

Nowadays, people primarily prefer APK files over google play store files. A simple example is the GB WhatsApp, which is an APK file. Most people prefer this application over the app present on the google play store. APK files sometimes have additional features that help them become more widespread; hence, their download level also increases by multiple levels.

Modifying an APK file will motivate you as well; you are an excellent programmer with background knowledge, and still, you can do anything to edit the Android application. When we talk about the safety measures of APK files, it is a little risky than google play store applications, so we recommend you download APK files from the most trusted and verified platforms.

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