If you have a question in mind about how to install apk on android? Then give a read to this article. The APK is an indirect method of installing apps rather than installing from the google play store. It is generally called “Android Package Kit,” and it is used to install customized apps or leaked apps.

APK is for Android, just like the .exe file, which is used to install Windows software. Furthermore, the most updated version of apps is also available on APK. So, you can install the updated version from APK if you can’t wait for the play store to give updates.

Most of the apps are not available on the google play store due to some restrictions, but you can easily access them from APK. Moreover, if you are not happy with the updated version of any app and you want the older version so you can jump easily to that version through APK.

Why install apps from APK?

If your phone has no access to the google play store, you want to install apps easily from APK. Additionally, from APK, you can also get access to stolen, leaked, or pirated apps. Although it is illegal and against the laws, you should be careful before downloading any app from APK.

how to install apk on android?

It is a simple method to install the APK file on your android. Firstly, you will need to prepare your android phone and allow access to unknown apps. The unknown apps are those which are not considered from the google play store.

  • Android version 8 and later

To allow access to an unknown app, you will go to settings, open the apps menu, search for special access, and enable unknown apps to install.

  • Android Nougat version

Similarly, for this version, go to settings, find security settings, then go to device administration and enable access to install unknown apps.

File manager

Now you are given access to install unknown apps; after this process, you will need a file or app manager to run your unknown app. Although some Android phones have their internal file manager to run such apps, some Android phones may lack this file manager.

So, for instance, you will need to install the file manager. Go to Google play store and type file manager in the search bar. You will have a list of file managers; now, you can install any one that suits your phone. Hence, your phone is ready to run unknown apps.

APK file from the browser

The easiest way to download an APK file on your android phone is that you go on the Android browser and search “APK file.”

  • Once you find the APK file link, click on that link.
  • You will then receive a pop-up notification that states that “you want to install from browser” or “this app is harmful to your device.”
  • Accept “yes” and allow access to install from the browser.
  • Then for continuing the process, click “OK.”
  • If your phone is not showing you the downloaded app, go to the file manager.
  • Furthermore, find the download folder on your phone.
  • After that, click on “APK file” and grant the required permissions.
  • Click on “Install,” and your APK file will start downloading.
  • Now your APK file will be easily accessible among the list of there apps present on your phone.

APK file from computer

If you have some issue with the browser or your browser is not supporting you and want to install an APK file, then the computer is the perfect alternative. Simply go to your computer web browser and download the APK file with the same process described above.

Once the APK file is downloaded on your computer, connect your phone with your computer and transfer the files to your android phone. Further, install the file on your android phone and be ready to go with this APK file.

  • Using USB debugging to transfer files

If you don’t want to connect your phone to the computer or you have never done this before, we have a solution for you. You will need to Debug your USB with the phone. Now it depends on your device that which forms it will follow to debug the USB.

  1. Click on the setting, go to applications, find development, and then enable USB debugging.
  2. Click on the setting, go down to “about the phone,” find builder number, tap seven times on it, and the developer menu will be enabled. Then go to settings, click on the builder menu, and enable USB debugging.

Your phone is connected to your computer through a USB cable; it will be shown on the computer as a pop-up option. You can move your APK file, which is downloaded from the browser to your file manager in easy steps;

  • Search on your computer the APK file
  • Click on copy
  • Find the “sd card” or “download” folder.
  • Paste the APK file in that folder

And go to your phone settings described earlier and install the APK file from there.


There are two methods about how to install apk on android? One is directly from the browser, and the other is you can transfer files from the computer. APK files are an advantage for Android users to access apps that are not available on the google play store. You can easily download the updated version or old version if any app you want. But be careful while downloading the apps from APK because your phone can be crashed because you don’t know what a file contains while installing.

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