How to Factory Reset LG K7 – Lg k7 Factory Reset, Recovery, Unlock

Commonly a problem that has to face by many mobile users is that their phone is not working correctly. Why these issues create primarily people are unaware; therefore, through this topic, you should know about the reasons and their solutions in detail.

Different methods are introduced for the solution to this difficulty, and by using these ways, one can easily reset their mobile without getting help from the outer side. You can reset these issues with the help of factory reset lg7, but there is the question of how to factory reset the LG k7 in a simple way.

It is the point on which we brief you that by using the factory reset method, mobile issues are resolved.


What is a factory reset LG7?


Before going on to the deep discussion and the methods, it is essential to explain the factory reset LG7? A factory reset is a way by using this one can start the restoration of a device to its actual manufacturer setting. In other words, a factory reset is also known as a hard reset.

But there is a minor issue: by taking this factory reset action, all the applications, settings, and internal data will be cleaned from your mobile thoroughly.

Reasons for using Factory reset process

Based on some cause factory reset method is used in LG k7; otherwise, not. There are given the fundamental problem if these have existed in your mobile then you should need to pass the mobile from factory reset process.

  1. First, when your phone is infected with a virus attack
  2. Secondly, having slow speed.
  3. When freezes and errors occur.
  4. In a condition of forgetting password, lock screen pin, etc. issues.
  5. Show prolonged response in updating of any app, or the failure of a system, etc.

So these all are the main reasons that need the factory reset process.

Different methods of the Factory reset process

Now we talk about the different methods of the factory reset process through which you can resolve your mobile problem. But before explaining the practices, we want to tell some essential points about the factory reset method.

Using this method, you’re all the personal data will be deleted from internal storage but not from the SD card.

And the other main point is that before starting the process, check your mobile battery; it should be at least 50%. Otherwise, there are chances of getting damage to your mobile.

1) Setting menu

It is the simplest way of setting your mobile through from setting menu. So you can factory reset your LG K7 by the setting menu system.

  1. First of all, go to the setting menu and open it.
  2. Then you need to tap the Back up and reset menu. After this press, the Factory data reset that is under the private data part.
  3. After doing this read, the information is given on the screen and then reset the device.
  4. Then you can confirm this by the use of the password or screen lock pin.
  5. There is an option of deleting portable storage information. If you want to delete it, then press on delete all. After your phone will be restarted and then the process of LGK7 is completed.
  6. After completing this process, your mobile restart in a little slow way. You do not need to worry. So after receiving the welcome screen, you can restore the data process in your device.

2) Recovery method

The other way of factory reset the system for your device is from the recovery method. There are the following ways of using this recovery mode.

  1. Firstly turn off your mobile and then wait for few minutes.
  2. Then press and hold volume down and power buttons simultaneously, and do this until the recovery mode appears on the screen.
  3. After appearing, the LG logo releases the power button while keeping the hold volume button, and then after passing two seconds, hold the power button again.
  4. Release all keys when recovery mode shows on screen.
  5. Then go to the factory reset option .here press the volume down and tap the power button to receive it.
  6. Then go to delete all the data.
  7. After completing the reset process, your device will be restarted.

So by this method, you can easily access in resolving the problems of your mobile.

Wrapping up!

Factory reset or hard reset is the way of setting different mobile problems. You can utilize it quickly for the setting of your device. Factory straightforwardly reset your LG k7. There are few rules before starting this process. Those are important. In this article, we explained all the main points that are related to factory reset LG K7.we hope you like this article.

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