How to change MAC address on Android Device – 3 Simple Ways

When we speak about MAC, we have to understand what MAC stands for? MAC stands for (Media Access Controller), is a unique identifier to each network interface controller (NIC), whether on wireless network interface controller or ethernet NIC. A vital thing to note that when you change your IP address, the MAC address remains constant that identifies the device on the network.

It is pointed out that your network adaptor/regulator has one, as well as your device. MAC address helps to allow each device that is connected to the internet or local network to get recognized by its twelve-character code.

NIC devices contain unique MAC. Here, we will tell you how IP packets sent on the internet get sent from the MAC address and all packets sent to the other MAC address. Now it is the work of the NIC device to check and confirm the received packages that whether they are matching or not. So, if the package does not match, then it will get discard. This whole process repeats until and unless you get the correct IP address.

MAC addresses functions as the information transmission and MAC address utilized by network access suppliers (ISP) like link organizations and portable suppliers to control data transfer capacity and different features on a specific device.

You get apps, software, downloaded songs, and all data due to MAC address, and it decides where the packets of data should transfer.

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Why change the MAC address?

change MAC address

Sometimes, you want your device to bypass access control lists on the router to make it hide from other networked devices and services. When we speak about security, hackers on a similar network as your device do exist. The danger criteria occur more in Schools, Public wifi, Buses Wifi, etc.

We know you are sure why it is more important that people don’t track your online activities with your MAC address. Additionally speaking, if your MAC address is provided to a hacker, he will indeed hack your actions and get control of your device; he can impersonate you and comment on different crimes by using your MAC address. The exciting thing is that you can go as far as to change the MAC address of your network.

Change your MAC address:

you can change your MAC address in various ways. Here we will discuss the easiest and most effective way to modify your MAC address.

Changing MAC address using root access:

Chopping and changing your MAC address can only be operated on your android devices on which you have root access. So, you may download the “free root checker application” that is readily available on the google play store for the availability of root.

You are confusing that this application is complex to use, but not actually. It is simple to use and operate. After downloading, launch it on your device, then click on the “Verify root” option. After loading for a short time, it will tell you the current status of root on your device, and ultimately you will able to see root access if available.

If the root checker application explains that your device has root access, read on the steps repeatedly. If it shows the reverse of the followed statement, then skip to the next section. The next step will show you the complete guideline on how to change MAC addresses without having root access. You can also read more about this on wikiHow.

Changing MAC address or rooted device using CharmeleMAC:

Before using this method, make sure that your android device has a MediaTek chipset. CharmeleMAC works only with the phone that uses MediaTek chipset. You may find out which kind of chipset your android device uses by installing another application, “Droid Hardware info.” To get this problem solved, you can follow the steps:

First of all, you have to go to Google play store, type the Droid hardware info in the search bar option given at the top right corner. Now click on the install option to get this helpful software installed on your device.

  • Now you have to open the application (Droid Hardware info).
  • Now tap on the “System” tab at the top; here, you can check that you have a MediaTek chipset.
  • Now check your phone for that. Even before the time, you have rooted the device, but all roots are not the same. Here, you need to root access to install the BusyBox to change your MAC address permanently.
  • So, to get a clear idea of root access, you should follow the given steps:
  • Open google play store
  • Search the Root checker in the search box
  • Install it as we have done in the first method
  • Open the root checker application
  • Agree to their terms and conditions
  • Get started by the “Verify the root” option given at the bottom of the screen.

You should download and install another useful software BusyBox, which has various UNIX tools in a single file. You can install this software in the same process as we have done with the “Root checker application.”

Now, download and install the ChemeleMAC. You have to keep in your mind that this application is not available on the play store. You need apk file of this software. After complete download, open the software. Please don’t get confused; its shape is like a green eye with circles and lines surrounding it. When you open the app, it will ask you to Allow; tap on the allow option to permit the root access. After that, it will ask you two alternatives: generate a random MAC, and the other is to apply a new MAC, click on the apply new MAC, then confirm the option of changing MAC.


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