4 Best Apps to Change Text Message Backgrounds (Android)

With the latest and modern techniques, people also change their way of thinking. Now people want change in their devices which they used for daily base conversation. Nowadays text message is fast and easy of conversion in any matter.  Using the text messages app, people get bored with the same things and colors.

Therefore, different apps and ways are utilized to change the text messages background for Android devices regarding all these factors in mind. The methods and the individual apps used for this purpose are very impressive and have a reason- blowing results.

Changing the theme, style, and color of your text messages background for Android now becomes easy with using the different app and following some rules. In this article, we talk about that how one can change the text messages background for Android. So it would help if you kept reading this article till the end. You can also download apps from eagleapk.

Steps to change the theme

Now we discuss the steps through which we change the theme of message background for Android. To change the color of the stock messaging app, there following steps are given.

In the first step, you need to switch toward the night mode. For this purpose, go to setting, and choose display, and after this, you reach the option of Night mode.

In the second step, we talk about inverting the color of your mobile display. For this, you need to go toward setting then Accessibility >Visibility>enhancement, and at last, you find the color option.

For changing your phone theme, you need to go toward setting from this search Wallpaper, and after you find your desired option, which is themes.

So these are some steps through which you should learn that how to change themes.

Different apps for changing background

To change the text messages background for Android, you can also download a different app, and these apps include numerous features for the text messages background. So let’s now talk about some favorite app.

1. Textra SMS app

Textra SMSTextra SMS is a fantastic customizable app. it includes many features in itself like individual theme style, numerous emoji, designs, icon color, and bubble from different platforms.

Textra app offers you to switch in different modes. Like in between dark and light mode and other distitinitve changes, you can apply in your subsequent message’s background.

2. Handcent Next Sms

Handcent Next SMSTo create style and beauty handcent, Next SMS is the best messaging app to select that can make your style individual from others with freshing themes. This app is available for all your devices. You can make text message background more charming by using the Handcent Next SMS app.

Through the handcent Next app, you got stylish gfs. not all this, it also includes a wide variety of striking colors with many shades that can give your text messages background for Android more beautiful.

So you can download this app with all your favorite features.

3. Mood messenger

Mood Messenger

It is a beautiful app for the view of your text messages background for Android. Through this app, you can get various beautiful themes. Countless themes and backgrounds are added to this app to give a unique look to your text message background.

It offers numerous other exciting functions that are suitable and supportive for you, like receiving messages tiny bubbles appearance with a stunning view is the example of one of its function.

Different kinds of attractive backgrounds are included in this app. The exciting feature is that the mood messenger app is free of cost.

4. Plus Messenger

Plus MessengerPlus messenger is another stylish app for downloading your text messages background .it also includes lots of helpful function like a bunch of themes, colors, gfs, etc. plus messenger app is fast and give quick response.

A large variety of exciting items to choose .overall, plus messenger is the right place for making your text messenger background look individual and stylish.

Final words

Getting refreshment in life change is an essential factor in your daily conversion. To give your style a unique look, different ways are introduced to change your expressing view in your class.

You can do this with the help of different methods and download individual apps. In this article, we thoroughly talk about the text messages background for Android. That how someone can change their text message background with their style. We hope you like this article.


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