Gamers are looking for new games every day. Open world games gain popularity nowadays. These games are very interesting. Gamers install open-world games for android devices and have a game world at the fingertips. By open-world games, gamers relieve their stress.  Below are the best open-world games for androids:

GTA San Andreas

This is a legendary game in open-world gaming history. The game become popular in a very short time. The game has excellent graphics.

Gangstar New Orleans Open World

It is the most adventurous and exciting open world game for android. This game is a replica of the famous world game GTA San Andreas. The game attracts gamers by offering awesome customizations characters, big guns, beautiful hairstyles, heavy vehicles, and cars. Gamers like to play this game.

Dude Theft Wars

This game is an Open World Sandbox Stimulator. The game attracts people due to its pixel experience. Gamers chase the missions with gunfights. This game gains popularity in adults as well as in children.

New Gangster Crime

This game is very popular among gamers. Players have fun while playing this game. The game offers interesting to solve. The graphics of the game is not very good but its adventures like by the players.

MadOut2 BigCityOnline

The game covers a vast area and has everything that gamers expect from an open-world game. This is the best open-world game for androids. The game contains 40 different types of vehicles. The game is played online in androids. Players solve the online missions of the game. The game has the same graphics as GTA San Andreas.

Gangs Two Story

The game attracts people for its beautiful graphics. The game revolves around an action open-world shooter. The game also has different characters such as police, and a special army. The game has many guns for shooting.


Crashlands is a great open-world game for android. There are over 500 items offer in the game. Players explore a large world, players can build tame creatures and bases. The game is thrilling along with the RPG element. Gamers must take away the packages they aimed to deliver. It provides a platform where the gamer plays for a long time. Players can freely download it from Google Play in their androids.

Gangster Vegas

It is the oldest open word game but still popular among android users. The game turns around the world of crime. The player is left in a city with large land. A player has to travel around the city and complete side quests, and storyline missions. The game contains many mini-games like racing challenges, casinos, and collectables. It is the best open world game because of shooter guns.


Pokemon is the most famous open-world game for android ever. Gamers explore the real, actual world in the game. Players use the real characters of the game for actual play. The game provides options of battle trainers, collect different items, move around to hatch eggs, and take over gyms. Gamers have to complete given missions in the game. This game is completely fun and friendly.

Portal Knights

The game is full of actions with RPG elements. The game has all RPG elements like Progress in levels, boss fights, storyline missions, and things to collect. These elements keep the player busy all time. The game has a creative mood as well as helps the gamer to create its land. The game can freely play with Google play Pass.

Genshin Impact

This game is full of adventures and the best option for the android device. In mechanics terms, this game is similar to the Legend of Zelda Series. Gamers found series of land in this game to explore in their leisure time. And every land has its open world. The games comprise of many mini-games, interesting puzzles, and collect hidden things. The soundtrack of the game is very popular people enjoy while playing a game.


Gaming companies focus on open-world games for androids. These games have everything in them that the gamers want. The gamers have a world of games on their android devices that help to relieve stress and depression. The games keep the players busy. The players play at their own pace.  People of all age groups install these games on android and enjoy the games.

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