Archero Mod Apk 2.6.4 [God Mode, Immortal, Unlimited Money & Speed]

If you are truly an action game lover and want to explore the world of action with some real experience, the Archero Mod Apk is meant for you. It is the game where you are the only lonely one and everyone else is against you. It is the only matter of grabbing your archer and fighting with the evil waves.

About Archero Mod APK


Archero apk unlimited gems mod is the advanced version of the official archero game in which you will receive unlimited gems, max HP, and all unlocked talent. In this game, you have to kill the evil enemies in one shot, for an upgrade, you’ll have infinite gems if you need an update along with unlocked items.

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Information overview

APP NAME Archero mod Apk
VERSION v2.6.4
UPDATED ON ●     God mode

●     Unlimited money

●     All talents unlocked

FEATURES 2 days ago



There are many interesting features in this mod. Features let the gamers build interest in the game. In archero apk mod, several unique and extravagant features may help you to score high in the game.

Some of the features of archero apk latest are as follows:

  • Countless gems

Here comes the main feature of the game. It is known by every gamer that gems play a crucial role in up-gradation from a lower level to a higher level. All of your tactics can be also unlocked by the gems. This is only possible when you complete the missions which become more complex as you move forward towards a higher level. Furthermore, after accomplishing a certain mission, you only get several gems which are not enough for the up-gradation of your character.

However, Archero apk mod unlimited gems enable you to spend your coins in certain methods.

  • God mode

If you don’t want to be killed by anyone then this god mode apk archero is a perfect match for you. You will become indestructible by using this mod. No evil wave can damage you. Also, this mod comes with a high damage feature, meaning you can kill your enemies in just one shot.

However, it is highly recommended to not use this mod because it will ruin the overall purpose and essence of the game.

  • New monsters

In archero 1.5 apk, you’ll witness a new monster after completing each level. These monsters are enriched with their natural powers. Also, you have to kill each monster to become the hero of a particular kingdom. Thousands of invisible monsters will tend to attack you with their unique powers. Some of them will either damage you by touching your character or by throwing a bow at you from a specific direction.

  • Obstacle

To protect yourself from the attack of these monsters, you can safeguard yourself by using different obstacles that may protect you from the attack. A weapon can also be upgraded to fight against the monsters. Interestingly, these monsters can attack you from any side like back, front, right, or left. So, you have to be vigilant and active.


  • Unlimited money

Unlimited money is one of the best features of the archero 1.5.0 apk. You need money or coins to unlock talents in any game. Nine talents can be unlocked only by utilizing money. Moreover, you will require two hundred coins to unlock each talent.

  • Earning coins

Coins can be earned by killing the monsters or completing missions. Completing each mission requires a lot of effort and you have to face a lot of challenges. But archero mod archero mod apk android apk has solved your problem giving you unlimited coins.

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How to download archero mod apk?

After understanding the features of the archero apk reddit, you will be willing to download the game. There are some step by step instructions for downloading archero mod apk for android, PC, and iOS.

Archero apk Download for android:

The following steps can be followed to download the archero mod apk unlimited money and gems.

  • Click the link to download the game which will take you to the archero mod apk page
  • Click on the start download button
  • After installation, go to the file manager and click on the downloaded file. Grant permission if you are downloading for the first time.
  • Click on allow from this source and then open the game and enjoy.
  • You can also download its apk on google play store

Archero apk Download for PC:

Follow these steps to download archero mod apk.

  • Click on the given link and install the game
  • After installation click on the downloaded file to start the setup
  • Grant any permissions, If required
  • Start the game and launch it on your pc
  • Start playing the game and collecting countless coins

Archero apk Download for iOS:

Follow the below-listed steps to download archero mod apk on your iOS device.

  • Firstly, go to setting and enable unknown sources
  • Download the given link
  • Identify the downloaded file in the file manager
  • Click on the file to install mod apk
  • After completion of the process open the app and launch it on your device.


Archero mod apk 2020 will help you accomplish all your missions. So now you can be the only hero of your kingdom. We have discussed the features of the game in detail to give an envision of the game. So download the game now and start collecting unlimited coins.

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