Download Aptoide Apk Free For Android – [Latest Version]

Most popular the Aptoide apk is another kind of independent Android app store that permits you to download and explore different and exciting games in a matter of a few minutes. Apps in aptoide are delivered through social exposure. Also, a chance is given to the users to manage and create the store of their own, upload the apps of their own, and permit them to locate new and latest content.

 About Aptoide apk

Basically, aptoide is the store for downloading such android apps that do not need any registration for downloading purposes. Also, the users are allowed to build their stores that can be shared with everyone. Meaning, the users share such apps that are not offered by the store. Aptoide apk has a user-friendly interface that is further divided into the tabs listed below:

  • Home
  • Top
  • Stores
  • Updates
  • Social timeline
  • Download manager

 Information overview of Aptoide apk:

License Free
Operating System Android 9.0
Developer Aptoide
Language English
Size 19.8 MB
Platform Android
Downloads 11M
Last Updated 2 days ago
Publisher Eagleapk

 Features of Aptoide apk:

Features play an important role in the popularity of any app. If there are many new and latest features, then there are more chances for the application to become famous. Some of the exciting features of the game are listed below:

  • Easy download

The most exciting part of utilizing this app is that it can easily be downloaded if the APK of this particular app is installed. Because the APK of any app helps you to smoothly execute the download process. There are several versions of Aptoide that are free of cost.

  • Multiple categories

If you have aptoide premium then you will get a huge variety of several app categories. Interestingly, all these apps are free of cost. Also, the apps that are available on Google Play Store with a little amount, even those apps can be downloaded for free. So you don’t need to spend a penny on downloading the app.

  • No limitations

There are a lot of limitations when you use Google Play Store to download the app. But when it comes to aptoide apk, you will have to face no limitations and you will have access to the complete package. Moreover, in aptoide apk, you will enjoy multiple benefits and functionalities without a single limitation.

  • Free of cost

In aptoide apk, you will certainly enjoy the paid apps for free without paying additional charges. Also, with that, you can enjoy several amazing features of the app. Hence, aptoide apk is the best alternative for Google Play Store.

  • Sharing

Aptoide apk can be easily shared with your friends and family members without the requirement of a third-party app.

  • No registration required

In aptoide apk, you will not have to create an account for downloading the apps, unlike google play store where you are supposed to provide your Gmail account in order to download any app.

  • Update

In aptoide apk, the users can easily update the app with the latest versions conveniently. Besides that, if you have upgraded your application to the latest version, but not happy with it, you can smoothly downgrade the app.

How to download the Aptoide apk?

Aptoide apk download can take place on the three devices easily and conveniently.

Download Aptoide apk for android device

By following these easy and convenient steps, you can download the application on your device for free. Aptoide apk will allow you to download your favorite apps on your android device.

  • Once the application is installed, go to settings and enable content from unknown resources
  • After doing that, go to the file manager and locate the downloaded file to further install it
  • As soon as the file is installed on your android device, click the open button to begin the startup process.
  • Afterward, launch the app, and enjoy downloading your favorite apps.
  • You can download it from official website

Download for iOS device

You can now download aptoide apk on your iOS device by following these easy and convenient steps that will help you download the application within no time

  • Firstly, click on the given link to install the application aptoide apk
  • Once the application is installed, go to settings and enable content from unknown resources
  • After doing that, go to the file manager and locate the downloaded file to further install it
  • As soon as the file is installed on your android device
  • Now launch the app to start downloading your favorite apps.

Download for PC

We will discuss some steps below to help you download the application on your PC. Aptoide apk can be downloaded with the help of an android emulator.

  • Firstly, download bluestacks on your PC
  • Now, aptoide apk download will take place immediately
  • Locate the file in the file manager
  • Open the file via bluestacks
  • You are ready to go! You can now download your favorite apps


In this article, we have provided a complete description of the Aptoide apk in simple words. We have also discussed the information overview of the app along with the features of the app in detail. Also, we discussed the steps of downloading the app in easier and simpler words. Furthermore, we answered some of the questions that raised up in your mind resulting in creating any kind of ambiguity in your mind regarding the app.

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