Airline Commander MOD APK Download (Airplanes Unlocked)

Airline Commander MOD APK (Unlocked Planes) from Eagle Apk will let you find your dream planes quickly.

A brief introduction to Airline Commander

A popular Android flight simulator game publisher is RORTOS. The company is gradually building its brand as they introduce quality products like Real Flight Simulator, Extreme Landings, and most recently, Airline Commander.

Take control of an airline by joining Airline Commander. Once you’re as famous as the top airline tycoon in the world, your dreams and ambitions begin to grow! check also Taonga Island Adventure MOD APK

Playing the game

You start out as an airline commander as a young pilot with talent. During your first few months in this position, you can showcase your skills and gain experience. Once you leave your hired job, you can follow your own career path, such as establishing a new airline and aspirations to dominate the globe.

Among your responsibilities as a pilot is transporting both passengers and cargo. The interface of Airlines Commander is user-friendly. To move the plane in the third perspective, you must pull the Master Throttle up to maximum when the icon appears. By tilting the device, you can navigate left/right, takeoff/land.

It is quite practical to use Airline Commander. Correctly setting the controls is important. In order to reach the next waypoint, you will be notified when you have to fly higher, lower, or redirect. So keep your eyes on the runway when you are moving the plane. As well as adjusting the tilt sensitivity, you can adjust it in the settings.

Short games can sometimes be found in the game. Often, you need to move to a waypoint in the sky by simply taking off from your plane. Each time you complete a flight, you receive experience points and rewards.

Licenses for many conquests

There are many licenses (or certificates) held by the airline commander. In order to earn them, you will need to complete challenges. As a proof of your abilities and experience, they are like these kinds of achievements.

As a result, you will have to face different challenges depending on your license type and advanced level. Traveling in the skies can be challenging when you encounter an unexpected incident. But if you pass, you’ll be just one step away from becoming the next airline tycoon!

Realistic graphics in this game

As mentioned, the game is very realistic. The player is required to not only handle a flying fortress with ease, but also troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Crashing on flights is still a common occurrence. Storms, bad weather, or even strong winds can cause you many problems. If the risk is too great, the pilot should change course and head towards a waypoint closer without any aircraft in flight, or lower altitude.

It is possible to avoid it by doing that. There are, however, instances where the engines fail, putting the crew in a critical situation. Are you looking for a nearby airport area to land, or has there been any other solution you have come up with?

It is possible also to encounter problems like brake or tire problems that prevent you from landing, steering wheel malfunctions, or radar failures that make it impossible to know where you are. There can even be problems with the plane’s sensors, fires, and dozens more.

Explore a variety of airplane models

More than 30 types of aircraft can be explored, including large, medium and small ones used for commerce, freight, and people.

Buying them will make your experience more refreshing. In order to prepare for your upcoming airline, fill your airport with the latest airplanes. When you have more aircraft, you have a better chance of capturing and covering a greater share of the airline industry.

Modified APK version of Airline Commander

Feature of the MOD

It’s time to unlock the planes.

Download Airline Commander MOD APK for Android

The content of Airline Commander is excellent. As well as providing a realistic gameplay experience, it also features beautiful graphics with hundreds of scenes from all over Europe. This game has lots of fun features that you won’t want to miss!

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