Download 8-Bit Farm 1.1.2 Apk For Android [MOD Money/Latest Version]

Mobile game apps are the need and wants of almost every smartphone user. There are hundreds of game categories which are playing their role perfectly. The 8-Bit farm apk is also a mobile game app that developed and introduced Kairosoft Co.Ltd Simulasi.

This animation is about the management of the farm. The person is responsible for completing the assigned tasks related to the farm. The player of the game involved in:

  • Scale the farm and care for plants
  • Grow all types and colors of flowers
  • Buy plants and flowers and make Greenfields.
  • Grow and take care of fruits and vegetables to earn more products for agriculture.

There is an organized employee system that will help the player in managing the farms. The more farming you will do, the more recognized you will be, and it will assist you in increasing and growing your existing resources.

8-bit farm tips

There are a few helping tips which will help the player in farming. The overall performance and rewards of the game depend indeed on these tips given below:

  1. Contest

Each time the player has to win contests. According to the basic strategy, the winning content requires a perfect set of scores. If you want to win the contest, then spam all the fields. Each group has 100 fields. Use event areas and develop a large field with 14 livestock’s having 56 or more fruits and vegetables per area. For wining excellently, you need a minimum of 35000 to pass ranks. For that spam, all fields spring flowers veggies star and super ranch.

  1. Tractors

As its name refers to this mobile game app is related to farming, there is a need for a tractor to make the player’s performance up to the mark. For getting the tractor support in the game, look out to the banner by Kairosoft’s feed. Tap to the banner and finish with page loading. After doing so, return to the page, and you will surprise to receive blue and red tractors.

  1. Stall

There in-game, you will see stalls one stall with any flowers, including sunflowers. Another stall with four veggies includes corn and another stall with fruits field type, including apple and banana—the last booth with the livestock type, including pigs.

  1. Money

Under this game, the first cash infusion comprises 75000, the second cash infusion includes 100000, and the third contains 100000. After reaching the level of 10y 6m for your farm, then the secretary will require you to take a photo of your particular far and submit it with them. Once you submit the photo, you will get 500000 from the farm association.

  1. Souvenir Shop

The complete souvenir shop under this 8-bit farm includes three types of farms as a souvenir shop. The first souvenir shop contains 13 different kinds of flowers, including canola flower, three types of veggies types, chicken, cows, rabbits, and three types of fruits.

  1. Raffle Booth

The raffle boot contains more than 24 produces without cutting off. The access to the booth itself is hard. all products of this booth depend on the facilities within the range.

  1. Flower shop

Under this animation game, the flower shop includes 28 different types of flowers farmed, 16 other types of flowers including impulse UP, and four each spring, summer, and winter flower types.

  1. Animal treats

This shop contains all products depending upon different forms of livestock types available within the range. It is somehow similar to the raffle booth.

  1. Veggie stand

The veggies stand a shop where the player will find 21 veggies, then 16 veggies including impulse Up and 3 of each type of veggies from summer, spring, winter, and other types.

  1. Ice cream stand

The ice cream stand contains most types of fruits and veggies, and livestock. Here particularly the four types of veggies, two kinds of livestock, and a few fruits.

  1. Café

The café under this game tips includes the white and purples lavender, 1 type of veggie including tomato and wheat, and three different types of livestock.

Features of 8-bit farm

There are a few stunning features of an 8-bit farm. A few common ones are listed below. Have a look at them:

  • Different plants and animals
  • Retro style graphics
  • Many funny characters
  • Various contractions
  • High score to achieve

This would be the best gaming app for almost every age user. Its interface and operating are relatively easy at all.

8-bit farm and mod apk

Are you enjoying playing an 8-bit farm? Then download and enjoy the most demanded 8-bit farm mod apk and enjoy the moments of becoming the true farmer to win super amazing rewards? Additionally, there are some other awesome games by the developer “Kairosoft.” For a fast download and installation, do consider Eagle Apk.

There are given all the necessary basic information about the application, which every user should know.

ANDROID 4.1 plus
SIZE 26.3 MBs
CATEGORY simulation
LAST UPDATE Two days ago


After reviewing all features, tips, and general descriptions of the 8-bit farm mod apk, we found that players must continue with the modified version; for switching from your current or oldest version of an 8-bit farm to the latest version, download and install the modified apk given above. This will surely be an amazing experience for you at all.

I hope this article will help you guide the download and then install the 8-bit farm mod apk.

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